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About Me: Ty Hume

As every blog writer is obligated to do so, I am writing a blog about me: Ty James Hume, partner at Hume Law Group. Before you ask, Ty isn’t short for anything - not Taylor, not Tyler, just Ty. You can thank my mom for her creativity.

I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, with 3 siblings. My older brother and I were classic rough housers, and I have several scars to prove it. I suppose our constant physical activity was inspired by my father, a very muscular, athletic man. Many memories of mine involve us all boxing, playing football, and wrestling out in the backyard, getting ready for our next match or game. I looked up to my father and strove to be strong like him…especially since life robbed us both of height.

I started wrestling in elementary school and continued in middle school and high school. Shy of 100 pounds, I was thrown into the smallest weight category. Some wrestlers underestimated me; they had no idea of the power behind my punch and absolute refusal to quit. I was stubborn. Wrestling ingrained within me a sense of resilience and appreciation for hard work. No matter how strong I was, I would be nothing without knowledge, strategy, technique, and skill produced from dedicated practice. Wrestling also made me adaptable. All within a second, I might have to move into the defensive and rotate into a better position all while my opponent attempts to fold me into a pretzel.

Following high school, I became a professional boxer. My life consisted of working during the day, training for two hours, and then lifting for another two. Work, train, lift, repeat. I abstained from alcohol for an entire year and a half, concentrating on the game. Luckily, my metabolism was good, so I never had to worry about cutting/making weight for a fight. It was hard work, but I loved every minute of the environment and the people.

I guess I’ll leave you, my blog reader, with a little boxing 101 lesson: the left hook. A left hook is my bread and butter shot. The key to a great left hook is rotation. You must rotate everything: hips, shoulders, and feet. Best of luck!

If you need legal services, contact me at or call (206) 446-5285 to discuss what I can do for you.


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